I study mycology and ecology, write about science, code, and make scientific illustrations.

I’m currently in the 5th year of my Ph.D., advised by Dr. Peter Kennedy, in the University of Minnesota’s department of Plant and Microbial Biology. I'm broadly interested in using molecular methods, genomics, bioinformatics, field and greenhouse assays to investigate the mechanisms structuring fungal community dynamics. My dissertation deals with host-specificity and guild occupation, mostly using the mycorrhizal genus Suillus- a pretty gross, slimy mushroom that smells like rotting compost and seems to always be infested with maggots, but is nonetheless quite splendid.

I live in South Minneapolis with my husband Clayton, and our Great Dane and Blue Healer. When I’m not at the lab, I ride bikes, ferment stuff, make found object art, garden, collect bad 90’s punk music, and (of course), hunt for mushrooms.